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But for others, the passing of information is JUST as dangerous as for
those on the Front LInes.  To use your Germany example, there where MANY
cases of Jewish Women who "slepted" w/ their German occupires and
provided information that could not have been otherwise obtained, and
what of them?  Many of them to this day are still not accepted as doing
their part for "the war" when they did.  

I believe that you need the Free Flow of information, as much as you
can, protect THOSE that are passing you this information.  Lets be
frank, you wouldn't be screaming about Echelon and the demanding of the
need for action, if you didn't hear it from those that where THERE and
decided to BREAK the rules and talk, thus lifting partial veils of

> This 'free flow of information' crap pisses me off. Fascists are fascists,
> you have to take the fight right up to their faces, to let them KNOW they

But standing up to a corrupt "entity" w/out the backing of the people
makes you a nut cake, anarchist, whacko, revolutionist, etc., etc.

If you HAVE the backing of the people, its a civil war based on
"ideas, beliefs", etc...

>  Pre-war Germans had all the 'information' they needed yet
> they still loved the regime until they realised too late the price they
> were going to pay for it.  'Information' be damned: I'm afraid it doesn't
> stop bullets.

Tom Garner
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