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From Legba Carrefour <>
Date Mon, 15 Nov 1999 18:37:50 -0500
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First of all when some ass floods a corporate web page, I don't think
it's a good idea. What the hell does that do for hacktivism other than
get the loins of some hacker all steamed up with self-congratulation.
Doesn't do shit.

NOT that I am putting down these hackers. I think these people should
redirect their efforts into other avenues. Imagine if someone hacked the
state run television in China to show images of members of outlaw
religious sect Falun Gong being beaten. THAT would be power.

> Hmmm. So when a white-power race hate group has a web page, its free
> speech, but Korporat Fascist Global Transnational MegaDeth Korporations,
> or the FBI, or whatever, don't ever engage in this 'free speech'. I mean
> everyone pretty much applauds loudly when a Gubbermint page gets Hacked.
> So, please DON'T flood-attack that Shell Oil web page, after all they are
> entitled to their point of view on the situation in Nigeria.

Technically yes. However, if a corporation was suppressing information
from other sources or from within their own company on the situation in
Nigeria that might make them look bad, I could see a lot of use for
hacktivism. Same with governments.

If you want to show that someone is wrong, you counter their
misinformation with your truth. You don't punch them in the nose and
tell them they can't talk. We call this "fascism".

>Pre-war Germans had all the 'information' they needed

WHAT history book are you reading?! They were the targets of MASSIVE
propaganda by the Nazi's throughout the thirties in order to destablize
the weak democratic government. Check your facts.

> LIES and MISINFORMATION are not 'free speech' anyway (not that race hate
> groups have any monopoly on this).  Remember the pre-condition for
> shouting 'Fire' in a crowded theatre?

WRONG! Look in your constitutional law book. Shouting 'Fire' is an
entirely seperate issue. That has to do with clear and present danger,
such as standing on a street corner in harlem and shouting "KILL THE
NIGGERS!" in an attempt to start a race riot. Lies and Misinformation
are protected as free speech unless they fall under libel or slander
laws. And it is VERY hard to prove that speech is libelous for a VERY
good reason--in order to protect freedom of press.

If misinformation was illegal, the gentleman who unknowingly posted that
fallacy about the way cookies work could be arrested. Free speech don't
work like that, bro.

> Fascists are fascists,
> you have to take the fight right up to their faces, to let them KNOW they
> are irresolutely opposed by members of society and that they will NOT gain
> power without the cost of CIVIL WAR.

And so then you encourage them towards war. Look at the disenfranchised
in America. Does the phrase "race riot" ring a bell. Oh yeah, that
REALLY helped along race relations.

Denying people free speech IS fascism and that is something we must
protect against.

Legba Carrefour

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