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Date Mon, 15 Nov 1999 18:19:11 -0500 (EST)
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On Mon, 15 Nov 1999, Legba Carrefour wrote:

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> Whee. Supressing free speech is the answer to our problems!
> This sounds like a "free speech for me but not for thee". Hacktivism
> isn't about suppressing someone's right to free speech, it's about
> enabling free speech, enabling the flow of information to the people who
> are lied to or have no idea about the issue at all.

Not true! People who have web sites up can spew whatever it is they want
to say 24/7/365. If someone were to change the contents of a web site, and
it remained changed for a few hours, how have they _REALLY_ infringed on
their freedom of speech? Take all the hours in a year, minus 2 or 3 and
you still have a big number. If you went to get ultra-anal-technical, you
can say you have infringed on their rights, but then again if you do it in
a way that brings attention to whatever cause it is you are fighting for,
it could be better for your cause. Sometimes a "pie in the face" can draw
more attention to your cause then putting up a thousand web sites
contering their views.

If you think about it, Hacktivism _IS_ about getting your information out,
which I agree with you, but I do not think it means, in any way, of not
doing anything to your opponet.

If you weren't going to break, or "bend" any laws, then you are not going
to get much done. The EDT floods web sites to form their "electronic
protest", but they are really making that site unavilable to others. JED
attempted to disrupt echelon, which is techniclly illegal. Just the
meaning of "Civil Disobidence" <sp> really implys going against the rules
or laws.

> White supremacist web sites are NOT in the majority and there is PLENTY
> of information to counter it. What REALLY scares me are the attempts by
> the Anti-Defamation League to have hate speech censored. That is a
> dangerous step to take.

This I also agree with, and should we all. It is one thing to step on
someones toes with an embarassing web site hack, which only effects
someone for a few hours at most, but when you take away someones right to
have that site there in the first place, that is unconsitutional and just
plain wrong.

The web is it's own world and with it comes a bew set of rules. Not
everything that applies in our everyday life can be applied to the net,
including our values, rules, laws and morels. We are starting to see this
is the case, and we are witnessing it happen. By being on thie list you
are most likely noy only witnessing it, but you are trying to help form

   Bronc Buster

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