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I do have a problem w/ this notion.  The signal of the protest will
become eroded into violence.  Ok, what the hell did I just say? 

Meaning, look at what is happening now, people are not be granted
permission to protest (insert your favorite hate group) b/c of the
"potential" to cause violence, so, the permit to march is decide.  But
of course we wouldn't complain about (insert your favorite hate group)
being denied b/c they would get the crap beat out of them.  

So it starts w/ the "extreme" groups, then when that becomes accepted,
we will then see a trend to other "groups".  I for one, say let the
Nazi's march, let the KKK march, hell let Jesse Jackson march until he
turns blue in the face, but when they break the civil laws, cause
comotion, cause a need to be arrested then, that is when I become upset.

TANGENT:  When Jesse Jackson protested the black student suspension (I
thought 2 years was harsh myself), the board adjusted themselves and
dropped it to one year.  Great job, the protest worked, BUT NOW, he
insists that the local government (or should I say DEMAND) listen to HIS
needs, HIS wants and will cause him being arrested (as he promised and
did), which, took away police power that COULD have been used elsewhere. 
THAT pisses me off.  

Same w/ abortion rallies, when the anti-people block entrance ways, and
demand the police remove them, that crossing of the line, just pisses me
off, and I've escorted numerous women into abortion clinics b/c of the
religious right and their demand for their beliefs to be forced down
others throats..

Ok, sorry for my tangets and my rants/raves, I had a pissy day at work..

> I have no problem with a bunch of people beating up Nazis, but I object
> to efforts to shut down their speech, either on the web or in print.

Tom Garner
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