Re: Australia Admits to Echelon

From "W.J. R." <>
Date Wed, 17 Nov 1999 00:33:13 EST

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Well, it would appear that the whole Echelon thing got SOMEones 

It would seem that even the American Civil Libersties Union has had thier 
interest peaked and sees something to Australia's 
"admittance/non-admittance". None the less, the knowledge of Echelon's 
possilbe existence is now out into the mainstream. About damn time that an 
organization has taken ahold of this whole thing and put it into a site(as 
opposed to some psychotic paraniod dimwit...not that there is ANYTHING wrong 
with being a paranoid dimwit..hehe)

Anyway, I thought that this should be posted along with eveything else that 
seems to come across my mailbox.

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