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> > I agree. This is what I say all the time on library lists when I argue
> > against the morons who want to install filtering software in libraries.
> Just want to point out that there's a difference between library filters,
> which block out all sorts of web pages that have really valid information
> (like sites on breat cancer, because they include the word "breast") and
> between people trying to shut things down.  Just like there's a difference
> between the government telling certain groups that they can't march, and
> groups of resistors shutting people down.

I have no problem with a bunch of people beating up Nazis, but I object
to efforts to shut down their speech, either on the web or in print.

>From my experience with those who advocate censorware, there doesn't
seem to be much of a difference. The mind of a censor allows a person to
be quite wide-raning in what they think should be censored.

I should also point out that purported anti-Nazi/anti-racist
organizations like ADL and Hatewatch have skated perilously close to
advocating the censorship of anarchist sites. Rabbi Cooper is expecially
guilty in the slippery slope department. And let's not forget ADL's
history of spying and infiltrating leftist groups, especially back in
the 1980s.


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