Bad PR,good for inciting?

From ZoeScanner <>
Date Sat, 20 Nov 1999 00:56:55 -0800 (PST)

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while 'slumming' on the Far Right side.....(keep
your friends close,your enemies closer)...I found
At this particular site,there is a most
interesting collection of 'articles'...that made
me laugh out loud,& then feel nauscious after
reading them all. Most are braggart drivel,but
some are on the money, all are most
especially this one
 then there's this one in particular,as it
demeans and belittles what is really being done.
not satisfied yet,I traveled on...on to the pages
of  "The Terrorism Research centre"
where there were these bits of "wisdome"
and "can you trust your toaster?"an old txt,but
still being broadcast as fact...By (some of) the
media,of course.
these articles caused me to wonder...has there
yet been any REAL actual fact terrorist activity
on the internet? I would think true 'terrorists'
would be seriously endangering lives and worse to
qualify for this strong a title.  Am I being
I blame a lot of this bad PR on the squads of "
Attention grabbers" out there,with little or no
genuine drive to accomplish something for the
good. Both the Media AND their so called
"hackers",or "crackers" they feed on...or
whatever title fits the attention seeking
for several years i did mind numbing code,and
programming (Apple).....then,discovered the net.
And all it's forms. It is only now, I sought out
others of like mind. It has become clear that
united,we can acchieve much more.
Despite the Attention seekers,though they are
making it difficult with their  Cwat1c4ndo
attitude, I am wishing they would jump on board
here,devote their talents and be usefull again as
in the JED.
 We who are many CAN make a difference.
In the time remaining,Waiting for THE day, I have
been faxing & emailing all concerned (till my
eyes bug out,my box runs hot, and my
Carpal tunnel synd. is raging),and recruiting.

Off Topic,but still an item of concern,Or Should
I had an interesting link to the BBC news on a
debate over a lab created Black Hole.& Should it
be allowed to be done,with all the pros and cons
(if it got loose and sank to the earths core,it
would eat the earth in little less than 1
hour.(much like my brain tonight)....but.It got
lost in the rubble that is prolog.
 Progress might have been all right once, but
it's gone on too 
-- Ogden Nash


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