Re: Did the Echelon Intercept Filters choke on all those key word s?

From Tom <>
Date Sat, 20 Nov 1999 09:21:12 +0900

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I would have to agree w/ the Public Attention scene.  When I first
stepped into this Feed, I noticed lots of talk about JED, and then the
"press" started talking about JED and then LOTS of talk started about

Is it b/c of Hactivisim?  Maybe, I'd like to think so.

If anything, we have now raised the bar, WHAT next?

How many of you on this list use Encryption?  I notice that by the
postings there does not seem to be much.  Just curious, why doesn't
everyone post their messages in PGP?  

Why isn't this list encrypted? Seems to me if you want to ENCOURAGE the
use of encryption, the force feed of Echelon to have to decrypt
each/every one of our posts/messages, that this group should be
encrypted, we should be posting our replies encrypted...

But then, we'd probably loose half of this list?  Dunno.  It always
struck me as funny that this list wasn't encrypted..  Just some rambling
thoughts... :)

> > > Does anyone know how successful those efforts were?
> >
> > depends on how you define success....brought the issue some
> > some more people thinking...and brought some new people to this list....
> Public attention is important, but not if the public, with their notoriously short memory, forgets it and goes back to sleep.

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