Re: Did the Echelon Intercept Filters choke on all those key word s?

From Ouisie <>
Date Fri, 19 Nov 99 16:07:53 cst

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> > Does anyone know how successful those efforts were?
> depends on how you define success....brought the issue some
> some more people thinking...and brought some new people to this list....

Public attention is important, but not if the public, with their notoriously short memory, forgets it and goes back to sleep.

> > Did the Echelon SPY system have any difficulties, at least
> > that we may know about?
> quite doubtful on that was never intended as a physical 'Jam
> Echelon' day though, at least not in my book......i'm sure those that be had
> more than enough know how not to let our little game screw anything up.....

Then it's time to increase and refine our efforts.

> the revolution will be improvised!

Indeed it will.  For the next step, a good idea may be an E-Barrage in the form of Encrypted messages with maximum security and all references to the kind and version of software used and other identifying information edited out.

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