Re: Did the Echelon Intercept Filters choke on all those key word s?

From Tom <>
Date Thu, 25 Nov 1999 17:07:07 +0900

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Well for me, this list is dangerous, b/c of my work enviornment, and my
own political and religious views (but THAT is another story, meaning,
you try to  be in the military, support Libertarian Political views, be
an Ahtiest AND be married to a moderate Mormon! Ouch!).

Anyway, my point was not about my security, I was just curious about the
condition and use of encryption, for TODAY.  

I know that this list is about Activism, but to sit there and say why
encrypt it, to me, that seems to fall into the whole encryption
argument, "why encrypt, only criminals use encryption, if you have
nothing to hide, then you don't need encryption".

I guess, I'm trying to say, that to me, in my small view of the world,
Encryption is not being supported enough, there isn't enough newslists,
listservs, whatever, using PGP to send out its mailings.  Is it needed? 
Probably not, does it matter?  On the scale that if we don't encourage
it, don't use it, you might loose the ability.

Great discussion, thanks! :)

> The major problem with that is....what good would
> it do? this is a Huge list....and we don't know
> for sure who everybody is. 
> my guess is:for 'sensitive' material,send it per
> encripted eachother?, not posted on the
> list where anybody can see it.. if you are
> concerned,and just watch what you say on here.
> ((Something I slipped a time or 2 on myself,
> dratted loooong hours online -w- out enough
> caffene.))

Tom Garner
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