[hacktivism] WTO Terrorist Advisory

From Jason Castonguay <castongj@wam.umd.edu>
Date Wed, 24 Nov 1999 22:08:43 -0500 (EST)

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To my associates and colleagues in the security profession:

>There are also strong indications that computer-based attacks on
>WTO-related web sites, as well as key corporate and financial sites, will
>take place to coincide with the opening of the WTO meeting. Cyber-protests
>are likely to generate Denial of Service attacks, disruptions or
>alterations of web pages, and "virtual sit-ins."

It looks like FBI is scared of something. Does this mean that these
tactics achieve something? or are they just worried about N30 and threw
this in just because? I never thought DoS attacks were much of a threat.

In any case, it will be interesting to see what happens come this
December. Also, does anyone know if any video is going to be streamed live
from Seattle? If so, an international mirroring system might be nice if
there is time.

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ANSIR Email - Threat to World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Meeting
in Seattle, Washington, 11/29/99 through 12/3/99.

National Security Division, Washington, D.C.

The following message is an FBI Terrorist Threat Advisory for the Domestic
United States only. This advisory will remain in effect for the duration of
the WTO Meeting at which time it will expire automatically unless extended
by the FBI.

This Awareness of National Security Issues and Response (ANSIR)
communication is intended for corporate security professionals and others
who have requested to receive unclassified national security threat
information from the FBI. This communication is not a press release and may
not be republished in any public format without specific authorization from
the National ANSIR Program manager at FBIHQ.  You may forward this advisory
to those in your association, company, or other colleagues in the security
profession as deemed appropriate.   Media requests should be directed to
the WFO media representative, Special Agent Susan Lloyd.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) is holding a ministerial meeting in
Seattle, Washington from November 29, 1999 through December 3, 1999. The
meeting will be attended by approximately 8,000 people, including delegates
>from 135 member nations, individuals from non-member observer nations,
representatives of corporate sponsors, and the press.

Many groups in opposition to the WTO have stated that they will be present
in Seattle during the WTO Conference and plan to hold a number of
activities including seminars, teach-ins, parades, and street protests.

The FBI has received credible information that some elements within the
protest community are planning to disrupt the conference. The FBI assesses
the potential threat of violence, to include criminal acts of civil
disturbance, as low to medium for the Seattle area during the time frame of
the WTO Meeting. In particular, environmental or animal rights extremists
or anarchist-induced violence should be considered a possibility during the

There are also strong indications that computer-based attacks on
WTO-related web sites, as well as key corporate and financial sites, will
take place to coincide with the opening of the WTO meeting. Cyber-protests
are likely to generate Denial of Service attacks, disruptions or
alterations of web pages, and "virtual sit-ins."

Corporate sponsors of the WTO may be subject to surveillance efforts from
these groups. The purpose of the surveillance is to identify the residences
of key employees of sponsoring corporations. At this time the FBI has no
specific information regarding which corporations or individuals may be
selected for surveillance.

Security officers of corporate sponsors and companies attending the
conference are advised to brief the appropriate employees that they may be
selected for surveillance prior to, and during the conference. These
employees should remain alert for individuals who may be targeting them in
furtherance of anti-WTO activities.

If vehicle surveillance is detected, individuals should take no direct
action and drive to the nearest police station. Individuals believing they
may have been targets of surveillance activities should contact the FBI
office ANSIR Coordinator at the number listed below. Activities requiring
immediate law enforcement response should be directed to the appropriate
local authorities.

Recipients should remain sensitive to threats made by anti-WTO groups. In
recent years, protest activity has occurred in New York City and other
American cities in conjunction with high profile international conferences
taking place outside the United States.

Special Agent Gary Harter, Email:  gharter@leo.gov
FBI Washington Field Office/NVRA ANSIR Coordinator
7799 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, Va. 22043
Phone:  703-762-3024, Fax:  (703) 762-3446

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