Re: [hacktivism] WTO Terrorist Advisory

From "Me Uh, K." <>
Date Thu, 25 Nov 1999 09:30:50 -0800 (PST)

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DoS attacks, from a security standpoint, are child's
play.  They're easy to pull off, and all they do is
crash your server, and then you reboot it.  Oh, no. 
(At least while it's down they can't get root :)  

But as far as hactavism goes, a DoS attack is nothing
more than a less-leagle, more effective Virtual
Sit-in. (a packetstorm is easily generated, while you
have to appeal to the masses to come and spend some
time watching the same page reload a dozen times a
minute, all with the same effect - too much traffic,
server crashed)
And it's perfect - you can disrupt their service, and
the effectiveness of thier website, without doing any
permanent damage.  Well, it's perfect for a
limited-duration situation like WTO, anyway, when
you've got a fairly short period of time where it's
key that the service is disrupted.  (as opposed to,
say, trying to permenantly shut down Nike's site with
DoS attacks)

IMHO, it's still not as good as reposting thier site
with an essay and a few excellent links, but I'll take
whatever I can get.  :)

and, if memory serves, someone posted an announcement
here yesterday or the day before about a company doing
quasi-realtime streaming of footage from the protests.
 Check the archives.  (CAN we check the archive?  I've
never tried before, don't know if it's accessible to

-mia k.

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