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Date Fri, 8 Oct 1999 14:10:47 +0100
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Calm, calm.

Mistakes are made. I agree that it may seem a bit scary to find an idea
which originated here is getting out of (our) hand(s) but that was bound to
happen sooner or later. I doubt there was any deliberate action behind it.
Let's give James Glave a pat on the back for being so quick to write about
J.E.D. . Let's also reign in that paranoia and concentrate on what needs to
be done for the day. Action. Then maybe BroncBuster will be so kind as to
stay on the list and contribute his undoubtedly useful knowledge ;-)

Some action ideas:

1. Find out the location of the main Echelon sites. We know they are all
over the world and if the day really takes off it'll be just the type of
thing the media will jump on. Like: "[...] One of these installations is
claimed to be situated at the infamous Menwith Hill site...". It will place
Echelon firmly in the REAL world, which people can identify more readily
with than cyberspace. I for one wondered for a long time what the strange
gigantic golfball structure, not far away from where I used to live, was;
then somebody told me that it was an installation to monitor East German
radio traffic (this was in Cold War days). Who knows what it is being used
for now...

2. The websites and links are obviously of great importance. Write, write,
write and link, link, link. But some more narrowly aimed action is just as
important, or else this huge wave of info will just wash past people.
Translations are great. We should at least try to get a Spanish, Mandarin,
Cantonese, Russian and Arabic translations of the call for action
circulating before the day.  That would be great.

I'm sure there are loads of other things people can think of.

Just one more thing: I get the feeling that some people are concerned the
list has taken up the Echelon issue and dropped all pretenses of discussing
hacktivism in general and on a more theoretical level. Let's not let that


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> [: hacktivism :]
> I'm not so sure it matters who conceived of the idea.
> Granted, credit should be given where credit is due.
> But so long as we are on the same page with the date and time,
> then we should all be OK.
> Matter of fact, rather than argue over who had the original germ,
> why not accept the fact that out collective unconcious is working
> together in synchronicity.
> Maybe better for many groups to emerge claiming to have called
> for Jam Echelon Day and have a myriad of posts exploding all
> over the Net.
> Wired reporter, I think you have done enough to clear up
> any issues.
> We, on this list anyway, shouldn't be so hung up on ownership,
> but more so on enactment.
> Aren't we copyleft anyway?
> - Stefan Wray
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