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From Flint Jones <>
Date Fri, 8 Oct 1999 10:55:09 -0400 (EDT)
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> Just one more thing: I get the feeling that some people are concerned the
> list has taken up the Echelon issue and dropped all pretenses of discussing
> hacktivism in general and on a more theoretical level. Let's not let that
> happen.

Perhaps we need multiple lists.  This one has alot (263) of participants
already.  Perhaps we need one just for hacktivist-news, another for
discussion... and others that spawn off on side projects (like

I'd hope that this list would have provided a useful tool for
communication between hackers and activists (and the rare hacktivists) 
and offer some crossfertlization of ideas.
This shouldn't be a "Howto Hacktivate"
There are numerous lists, faqs, websites that provide information on how
to hack, how to setup a website, 

Nor should it be a list to plan "Hacktions"
Such is generally should be left to groups specifically focused on that
particular hacktion.   Sometimes, this is a small affinity group (ULG?
The Indian Nuclear Weapons Laborty hack). Other times it might be a larger
group with a shared ideology (Digital Zapitismo?). Sometimes, it'll
be a coalition of people who organize around that one issue (Opposing the
Indonesia Occupation of E. Timor). This list might serve as a way for
some of these people to network, or some ideas to originate from this list
(jam echelon); however once they have grown... the practial activity
around it should take its discussion elsewhere with a note on how to join

"Why we Hacktivate" might be a better purpose of this list, and even the
definition of "hacktivism"  is always up for debate.  It certainly not
"Cyberterrorism", whatever that is.  Every one on this list joined because
they see potential in combining hacking with activism... its a potential
that is there regardless of whether this list becomes nothing but a tool
for the media to help whip up "cyberterrorism" sensalitionism, government
agents who want to keep track of what could be a dangerous phenomnom to
their control (or public safety, depending on your ideology), or a list
filled with nothing but conspiracy nut anti-government paranoia (and I
say this as an anarchist!  Go figure.)  

I'd hope the list becomes a resource for hackers who want to do something
good, activists who want to use technology to help their cause and
hacktivists (whoever they are).


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