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 > We, on this list anyway, shouldn't be so hung up on ownership,
 > but more so on enactment.
 > Aren't we copyleft anyway?


I was afraid that this misperception might take place.  The reaction to the 
Wired story has nothing to do with ownership and everything to do with 
representation vs. misrepresentation.  The association made between Jam 
Echelon Day and the American Justice Foundation is capable of

A) damaging the movement by giving it the appearance that it is a by-product 
of right wing paranoia

B) tarnishing the image of hacktivists in general [especially given the 
reality of just how global this has become]

C) shooting down the paradigm that the "little guy" is capable of setting in 
motion anything that is a really good idea - at least as far as media 
activism is concerned - by giving it the appearance that it was created by 
an established organization

Incidentally, I saw the blurb at the bottom of the Wired News article with 
the appropriate corrections and I think I can speak for all those who have 
decided to work with me on this effort that it is entirely satisfactory.

I hope everyone will forgive me for the fact that I did not know Wired News 
any better than Linda Thompson [and for the fact that I have a hard-earned 
distrust of large media in general].  At least I can now say that I know 
Wired a LITTLE better than Linda Thompson and the AJF.



Editor's Note: This Story has been corrected. The Jam Echelon Day project 
will be held 21 October, and coordinated by members of the Hacktivism 
mailing list. The article had incorrectly suggested that the American 
Justice Federation had organized the event. Wired News regrets the error.

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"To be truly radical, one must make hope
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