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Date Thu, 07 Oct 1999 23:23:18 +0100

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I check the thread of the mail but I don't find the french version, can
someone send it to me, or in the list if it hasn't passed yet ?
hactivists are not so well organized in France, but we can manage

By the way, last saturday, for the second time, 10+ independant and
activists televisions decided to *occupy the airwaves* all over the
country : we don't have public access, TV are controled by corps, or the

They cracked (and replaced) a padelock and tried to put an antenna on the
roof of the theater where was standing the annual celebration of the
so-called "best programs" of french TV : several mediactivists, plus two
journalists of Liberation and Le Parisien (2 of the 4 most well-known
french newspapers) have been arrested and put in jail for 4 hours.

They finally organized a fiesta + broadcasting on to the street, in front
of the theater, and finally gave back 10+ TV sets to the officials; in
marseille, 200+ people jammed the street as well, no information yet from
other cities.

(only in french for the moment - no translator)
coalition of 40+ independant medias (press, internet, TV and radio)

the website is hosted by, the last of our *really*
independant ISP, which changed our network's freedom (a few months ago, a
so-called *star* protested that hosted a website that published
naked photos of her scanned from a newspaper : thousands of netizens
gathered to protest, the official *internet day* failed, scandal :
politics voted a bill that protect ISP's from the *responsability* -aka
censorchip- of their hosts)

"Souriez, vous êtes filmés" is also part of : they organize
from time to time funny meetings in front of surveillance cameras.
I saw before quite a few mails about this kind of public event, I don't
know if some could manage further something like an international day
against videosurveillance, but it could be a funny'n interesting *small
brother* of the Jam Echelon Day, especially for those who don't have
access to the internet and don't know a thing about all that...
even if it's not the same day, we don't have so many *reclaim the street*
in here.

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