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Well I can see my fears have came to pass. This list has turned into
another conspiracy thoery, anti-government, cloak and dagger, off-topic

I think people are missing what hacktivism, or any type of activism is
about, and that is putting yourself, and your wants/needs/desires, SECOND
to whatever it is you are trying to fight for.

I will be unsubscribing shortly.

   Bronc Buster

On Thu, 7 Oct 1999, Robert Kemp wrote:

> [: hacktivism :]
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> From: Maurice Wessling <>
> I must agree. Lets not mix up things and stick to the facts:
> - Echelon is real
> - The Wired article had some sloppy research but was corrected upon notice
> - The American Justice Federation tried to use the protest day for its own
> agenda but failed.
> By expanding any conspiracy theory to Wired News you will only show how
> vulnerable you are to disinformation. Try to focus on your protest day and
> don't let these glitches divert your attention to secondary issues.
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> RK:
> This would not have been the first time I have seen a grassroots seed 
> squashed by an organized takeover.  Here is what I had to go by:
> 1. the erroneous article published by Wired
> 2. the fact that on an NSA newsgroup a message appeared, just as I was 
> posting to many, with a subject header of Echelon and the text simply of 
> "listening" - I had not posted yet to that newsgroup but was just about to - 
> the "listening" post preceeded my own by about a minute.
> 3. the fact that although Linda Thompson has done, by far, the most exposing 
> documentary of the Waco Incident, she has been ridiculed by most of the 
> supposedly alternative investigators of the incident - why, i wonder
> 4. the fact that Linda Thompson SEEMS to not have a clue as to what the hell 
> is going on
> 5. the fact that I have had a huge amount of experiences with journalists 
> appearing on the scene to cover something, befriending me, promising to 
> report the incident in a certain way, then smashing the movement with smear 
> journalism
> 6. the fact that Linda Thompson HAS been used as a media scapegoat for some 
> time - for various things
> 7. plus just how ironic it is that the perfect way to discredit this whole 
> thing is to associate it with a group whose public perception is of 
> paranoid/militia
> can you blame me?
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