From "Robert Kemp" <>
Date Thu, 07 Oct 1999 21:08:59 EDT

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This is all easily remedied.  James Glave or the editor/s at Wired issue a 
statement making the correction that the AJF has nothing to do with the 
effort [as stated by the American Justice Foundation's own founder] and 
Wired corrects the article to see to it that Jam Echelon Day is accurately 
portrayed as a grassroots movement [spreading the paradigm that the people 
DO have the capability to work such media miracles] and I would be happy to 
see to it that all of the forums that have carried this thread are notified.

In fact, it would be even better if Wired ran a blurb, as a follow up story, 
containing the corrections.  A short email to one list [the hacktivism list] 
will not counter the disinformation EFFECT that the Wired story created.  
Consider that I received emails from around the globe CORRECTING me on the 
date, informing me that it was actually going to occur on the 18th.

It would take little time and if Wired is interested in accurately covering 
this event, it would seem to be a necessity.

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