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At 12:47 AM 9/7/99 +0300, Parsifal wrote:
>Indeed. If such a thing had to occur, this could shut down the KKK. And 
>then ?
>What I mean is that you cannot ban racism by shutting down the KKK.

Of course not, but an event like this would break up an instance of
*organized* racism, which is the most dangerous form of it.

You can sit around and pontificate about how this wouldn't solve anything
and what has to be done remove the inherent causes of racist thought.
Fine and dandy, you'll be lucky if you can have an impact inside of a
generation or two. In the meantime it's here today and there are some
people who want to tango with the organized factions of hate in the
here and now.

There's a group here in Toronto called the ARA: Anti-Racist Action, I would
love to get one of their folks in on this thread. They believe, as their
name implies, in acts. 

>These organizations are just SYMPTOMS of racism. You don't cure something 
>by killing the symptoms.

But you can attempt to prevent them from doing things like mobalizing,
expanding, seeking "repectability" and otherwise prospering and getting

>And yes, it may take a long time to find them out, but as long as you 
>limit yourself to attack symptoms, you will never get rid of the disease, 
>which again and again will reappear, producing new symptoms.

And as long as everybody takes a "hands off" approach like yours, then
organized factions of hate will run away with the race. What you think
is fine for yourself, and that's been expressed many times in this
thread. I don't think you're getting very far telling everybody else on 
this list that they're wrong because you disagree with them.

>and, BTW, do you think they would be stupid enough to keep online their 
>members data ? really ?

Well any organization has to keep records and given the times we live
in I doubt that would mean purple crayon and paper. Given today's
encryption and VPN technology I'd be keeping my illicit data in digital
form over hard copy any day of the week. Therein lies the challenge to
your friendly neighbourhood cracker.

>And do you think there are so many influent people in their organization 
>?. If it was the case, they would have the power to gag the media, 
>wouldn't they ?

I think, like any fraternal organization their membership runs the gammut
across socioeconomic lines and covers all walks of life -with the exception 
of visible minorities being conspicuously under-represented.


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