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> Indeed. If such a thing had to occur, this could shut down the KKK. And 
> then ?
> What I mean is that you cannot ban racism by shutting down the KKK.
> There are numerous organizations sharing the same ideas....because there 
> are a lot of people attracted by them : what i meaned by "supply and 
> demand".
> If nobody was attracted by racist ideas, there would be no KKK.
> These organizations are just SYMPTOMS of racism. You don't cure something 
> by killing the symptoms.
> When i speak of the underlying cause of racism and hate, i think they are 
> the true disease, its roots.
> And yes, it may take a long time to find them out, but as long as you 
> limit yourself to attack symptoms, you will never get rid of the disease, 
> which again and again will reappear, producing new symptoms.
> and, BTW, do you think they would be stupid enough to keep online their 
> members data ? really ?
> And do you think there are so many influent people in their organization 
> ?. If it was the case, they would have the power to gag the media, 
> wouldn't they ?
> Parsifal

Man, I wasn't going to say anything but you're sounding like David Dukes'
press secretary more and more with every post. I wonder who pays your

And by the way, you answered your own question: of course the KKK do
stupid things.. they are in the KKK aren't they? Maybe they just have keen
fashion sense.


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