Re: hacking is not the same as censoring

From Parsifal <>
Date Tue, 7 Sep 99 01:53:21 +0300

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You wrote on 7/09/99 2:04 from

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>[Note: I apologise for the length of this posting. I have 
>been away for a while and was joyously surprised that 
>Parsifal played the "agent provcateur" and kick-started 
>a nice little debate...]

Yes, having participated in many lists, i am now pretty good at this 
game....  :-)

Hope this would have brought more activity to this list, and eventually, 
sent the message that it is possible to unite in order to build positive 
achievements instead of fighting against something.

I leave tomorrow and will be offline during a week, so that i won't be 
able to read the indignant answers my posts will have triggered ....

Kisses !


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