Re: HateWatch Press Release: Activism vs Hacktivism

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Date Mon, 06 Sep 1999 19:44:22 -0700
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hola all,

didn't see this in my email so i think is didn't make it--

Parsifal wrote:

> [: hacktivism :]
> I totally agree with this message.
> To hack a site under the pretext it doesn't match one's ideas about what
> is a "good cause" turns hacktivist into the same kind of intolerant
> people they are supposed to fight.
> We don't need censors, whoever they may be, governments or hacktivists.

Well I think it depends on the context of the gesture (is it a state of
emergency vs. an everyday event). What will be important in the
days to come are cordination issues between activist.nets and where and how it can be best implemented
as a technical action or as an info action (the core of the infowar
paradigm, the war of words).

it is more important to create converngence spaces
(such as this list), NOT in order to create digitally correct rules,

But to allow cross_flows between direct action styles and long term activist
strategic aims.

The creation of binary prisons, like activist vs. hacktivist, just become sfodder
in reverse for State Policy--this move was attempted by the Rand and Dorthy
Denning when dealing EDT and the zapatistas. These *netwar* policy advisers
stated that the zapatistas were against Electronic Disturbance as practiced
by EDT--but, the folks who were against it were not the EZLN, as far as we
know they have never said anything other than...each of must do what we
can to create "intergaltic networks of struggle and resistence*

It was only one group who were against the Zapatista FloodNet, that was
Ame La Paz (who did not like it we were doing  as a group), and a number
of other net.activist individuals who posted varios critiques on list.servs.

When we asked the head NCDM, Ceclia Rodriguez, the chosen
representative of the EZLN here in the US...She never said *don't do it!"

And they have always posted our calls to digtal action....

so the gist of all this is that rather than creating more binary prisons...
hacktivist must learn to consider the cause, the state of need, the
net.political disposition of the activist movement involved...while
net.activist must learn and understand possibilities of other
non_traditional tactics.

and all of this beyond the simple intolerant cries of
what is and is not: Digitally Correct.

over and out,

ps. just a historical side note about conditions for direct action
and EDT.

During the early stages of work...we recieved endless streams
of emails by people yelling at us about censorship and that they
would never do such a thing etc....then a few months later these
same folks would return to us requesting help and how to info to
set up actions...dealing with Pinochet....

so again it all depends on context, need, and is it a state
of emergency that must be dealt with rapidly.

p.p.s It extremely important to use this list not just to define
and critique--but to develop technical_tactics, network_distrisbution
models, and public access issues.

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