<nettime> spooky silence

From snafu <snafu@kyuzz.org>
Date Sun, 19 Dec 1999 18:40:14 +0100

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i find this silence on what happened 
two days ago really spooky, at the limit
of the soviet censorship...

everybody knows that the thing, the server
that hosts this list has been shut down between
2am and 3pm of friday 17th. 

everybody knows that this happened because 
high bandwith provider Verio, which supplies
Thing.net's "backbone" connection,
has been contacted from etoys corporation, 
because of the virtual sit-in launched
by the thing and fakeshop in support 
to etoy's fight for the domain.

everybody knows that the thing has been
resumed only because hacktivist Ricardo
Dominguez agreed to remove his domain
/~rdom from the thing, including the 
home page of the electronic disturbance

this domain is still shut down. massive
actions of  protest are being organised all
around the world. but this list continue
to speaks about barbie dolls and other very
"high profile issues".

moreover, according to the NYT report, 
an etoy's spokesman "denied that his group was 
responsible for the sit-in" which would be
amazing, since etoy is calling for protest,
solidarity and various actions 
since the beginning of this fight.

if anyone of etoy is on the list i'd like
to have an explanation about this statement.

if anyone has something to hide, it would be
better that s/h/it speaks immediately, since what
happened on friday is one of the most illegal
and arrogant acts that occurred since the born
of the internet. an act that definitely shows
the real face of this "democratic" media, and
of the powerful who rule it.

we can not agree with the EDT tactics, but 
what happened on friday is on another level,
is really on another level. if you don't
understand this, we have already lost.




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