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From Andrew Bayer <abayer@cs.oberlin.edu>
Date Wed, 15 Dec 1999 16:25:54 -0500 (EST)

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Hey all, I'm doing a project on hacktivism/electronic civil disobedience
for a class, and I'm looking to get some interviews with people involved
with hacktivism in some way. If you're interested, please email me
responses to these questions. The interviews (and whole project) will be
available on the web sometime in the next few days; I'll email the URL to
the list. Please include in any response how you wish to be identified, if
at all. Thanks!


- How do you define hacktivism?

- What are the limits of hacktivist actions? That is, what, in your
opinion, are the outer bounds of legitimate action? (ie, denial of
service, actual property damage, etc...)

- What differentiates hacktivism from merely malicious acts?

- How did you become involved with hacktivism?

- What do you see as the potential future impact/influence of hacktivism?

Thanks again to anyone who responds.


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