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From "Me Uh, K." <>
Date Thu, 18 Nov 1999 15:44:26 -0800 (PST)

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--- Legba Carrefour <> wrote:
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> >Arguably, though, you cannot effectively implement
> >your right to free speech without stepping on the
> toes
> >of another.
> ?! Where do you get this from? I dunno about you but
> I don't really step on
> other people's toes when I implement my right to
> free speech. You'll have
> to elaborate on this.
It's been a few days, (and I'm not sure that I was
thinking all that clearly to begin with :), and to be
honest, I can't remember what the entire comment was,
or how I managed to support it.
(you're right, though - it's not difficult to express
anything without impeding someone else's rights)

> Yeah but you're assuming that everyone naturally
> gravitates to White
> Supremacist sites. Also, most of the simple web page
> hacks don't really do
> much in the way of advocating any particular point.
> They hack the site and
> srawl the equivalent of "WE KICK ASS AND YOU SUCK!
> HAHA!". Like you say, an
> essay WOULD be better.

If I remember correctly, that was sort of my point -
Hacking doesn't reach anyone but the
site's usual patrons, (and those of us who subscribe
to mirror mailists :) whom aren't likely to sit back
and think long and hard about what they think, just
a couple of kiddies took away their site.
And to be fair, the origonal hack of the site, the one
origonally posted to the list, WAS a little more
in-depth than "We own your ass!"  (I think it said
something like, "Nazis suck!  We own your ass!")

> >Hacking a site, while censorship, is totally
> >temporary.
> This isn't always the case first of all. Second of
> all, I'm aware of the
> fact that most site just go right back up after they
> get hacked but they
> are still denied what might've been crucial hours of
> time to get their
> message out. Also, in doing so, all we do is get
> people annoyed at us and
> have them either attack our own sites or refuse to
> give more effective
> methods of hacktivism support.
It's important to note that the hackers in question
are NOT hacktivists, just a couple of kids with the
same old tired scripts, that should have been patched
against months ago. 

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