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Date Thu, 18 Nov 1999 17:57:45 -0500

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On  11/18/99, Michael Clark logged on  and ended up relaying this through a
little-known Microsoft open mail server to the North Korean Central
Committee who in turn forwarded it to me:
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> Isn't it more important that a Congresscritter get opinions from the
> technologically literate instead of just from the media, or the law
> enforcement types?

A given, it's why I write as much as I do...  Forgive me if I sounded
defeatist, I _will_ fight even when I know I will lose.

> While I agree that one letter to one
> representative seems like it is not going to make much of a
> difference, but it is much better than not saying anything at all to
> your elected officials. Think of what kind of impact you could have
> if you attend your Representative's town hall meeting and you asked
> him/her a detailed question about encryption exports or First
> Amendments rights and domain names. What if you were to call up your
> Rep.'s local office and offer to give a demonstration of some of the
> issues concerning the Internet?
> What resources would you need to help make this a reality? Michael

I appreciate the offer, I know where to write them.  If there is something
you have that goes beyond what I do, clue me brother...  :)

I do get very active, private e-mail would be OK if the list doesn't care
for this discussion.  I'm new to the list, very pleased that that elite
warez aren't here looking for hacking lessons...

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