Re: ~ It's about time

From Legba Carrefour <>
Date Thu, 18 Nov 1999 18:21:22 -0400

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>Arguably, though, you cannot effectively implement
>your right to free speech without stepping on the toes
>of another.

?! Where do you get this from? I dunno about you but I don't really step on
other people's toes when I implement my right to free speech. You'll have
to elaborate on this.

>agreed. - the problem with all that other information,
>is that you have to be interested to read it.  I can't
>really picture your average white-supremey heading
>over to lycos to search for 'improving race relations'
>- you know?  (for the record, an educated essay
>(written with small words) and a bunch of links would
>have made for better content than what they threw up)

Yeah but you're assuming that everyone naturally gravitates to White
Supremacist sites. Also, most of the simple web page hacks don't really do
much in the way of advocating any particular point. They hack the site and
srawl the equivalent of "WE KICK ASS AND YOU SUCK! HAHA!". Like you say, an
essay WOULD be better.

>Hacking a site, while censorship, is totally

This isn't always the case first of all. Second of all, I'm aware of the
fact that most site just go right back up after they get hacked but they
are still denied what might've been crucial hours of time to get their
message out. Also, in doing so, all we do is get people annoyed at us and
have them either attack our own sites or refuse to give more effective
methods of hacktivism support.

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