wto ~ what is to be done?

From Stefan Wray <swray@io.com>
Date Mon, 15 Nov 1999 23:20:39 -0600
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wto ~ what is to be done?

at least two possibilities on the electronic front:

working for the protesters on the ground
- like facilitating spread of livestream audio/video from protests

working against the wto mechanism
- like supplementing protest calls to "shut down" the wto

in the first place
efforts to support independent media are well underway

but in the second place
what can hacktivists do to help street activists shut down the wto?

it seems that a central focus for activists of all stripes
is the upcoming wto meeting in seattle
(with major protests slated on nov. 30)

but, is the wto a central focus for hacktivists?

should it be?

wto ~ what is to be done?

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