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Date Tue, 16 Nov 1999 21:49:35 +1100
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> > Free speech for everybody may seem like a bourgeois/liberal concept,
> > until you discover that YOUR stuff is being blocked, filtered and
> > censored.
> >
> Bingo. Same shit has happened to me. My page has been blocked off before
> and I've been in libraries with filters that wouldn't let me look up
> information on the friggin' holocaust for god's sake!
> I guess you don't get it until it hits home.


My site is in every damn filter I can check and I for one wear this with a
badge of goddamn HONOUR. People who install that sort of filter-my-mind
shit, I don't want that low life using my bandwidth.

Libraries, well, that's sad, but its up to the local political constituancy
to force their political leadership to change it. Sure its sad that a
'moral' 'majority' forces its ideas of what's safe to read onto the
'minority', but I'm sure in places like that there are a million more
important effects of those types of policy or attitudes than internet
filtering (cf racist drug laws). After all you can always buy AOL, or
Netcom, or whoever, at home, and surf unfiltered.

My local laws when they come into effect in July are much more insidious
because they require 'codes of practice' and other stuff that really
results in the effect of the web publishing industry into the hands of
those who can afford it (ie corporations, ISP server spaces, the rich).
That's much scarier than net-nanny software on library computers frankly.
How do I contribute to the fight against this? Civil disobience. My server
will break every law concerning 'decency' once the laws are in effect. Once
again, my point, all this hot air about 'information' are NOTHING unless
your WORDS are backed by YOUR ACTIONS.


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