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As usual, this is a case of the media labeling anyone having anything to
do with a computer, a 'hacker'. This is FUD. These people were
'criminals'; thives to be more exact. Not hackers.

They used to work at a firm and had inside information as to how the
system works. Who knows, maybe they had control over the system that they
'hacked' in the first place. It's like saying a bank teller is a hacker
because they put some money in their pocket, told the computer someone
made a withdraw, and walk out of the bank after work.

This story  not only has nothing to do with hacking, but is about as far
away from 'hacktivism' as you can get.

   Bronc Buster

On Mon, 15 Nov 1999, Stiens Eric wrote:

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> visions of crashing world markets orchestrated by hackers dance before my
> eyes in anticipation of N30......hey, it could happen.....aim high :)
> the revolution will be improvised
> solidarity--eric
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> Hacker Jailed for Stock Manipulation 
> SHANGHAI (Reuters) - A Chinese court jailed a former trust firm worker for
> three years on Friday for hacking into a computerized stock trading system
> and manipulating prices, a court official said. 
> The Shanghai court found Zhao Zhe, 28, guilty of rigging stock data so that
> he could sell shares at inflated prices, he said. 
> Zhao, a former employee of the Shanghai branch of the Shijiazhuang Trust and
> Investment Co, was also ordered to pay 2.94 million yuan ($355,200) in
> compensation for trading losses, had illegal income confiscated and was
> fined 10,000 yuan. 
> ``This is a rare case for China,'' said the court official. ''We don't see
> hackers breaking into stock trading systems very often.'' 
> The court found Zhao guilty of breaking into the computer system of the
> Shanghai branch of a Hainan securities company and inflating the prices for
> Shanghai Xing Ye Real Estate Co (600603.SS) and Henan Lotus Flower Gourmet
> Powder Co (600186.SS). 
> Prices of the two companies' domestic currency A shares rose their daily
> limit of 10 percent in unusually heavy trade as a result of the price
> manipulation, according to the official media. 
> The Shanghai stock exchange has said prices in its computerized system were
> affected by the false information and it has vowed to take steps to
> strengthen computer security. 
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