RE: reuters: hacker jailed for stock manipulation

From Stiens Eric <>
Date Mon, 15 Nov 1999 18:36:37 -0000

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> As usual, this is a case of the media labeling anyone having 
> anything to
> do with a computer, a 'hacker'. This is FUD. These people were
> 'criminals'; thives to be more exact. Not hackers.
> They used to work at a firm and had inside information as to how the
> system works. Who knows, maybe they had control over the 
> system that they
> 'hacked' in the first place. It's like saying a bank teller 
> is a hacker
> because they put some money in their pocket, told the computer someone
> made a withdraw, and walk out of the bank after work.
> This story  not only has nothing to do with hacking, but is 
> about as far
> away from 'hacktivism' as you can get.
> regards,
>    Bronc Buster

well obviously the words 'criminal' 'thief' 'hacker' and 'hacktivism' mean
different things to different people.....Whether or not he/they had control
of the system is left unspecified....and I never claimed that it was an
example of hacktivism. It simply seized my fancy when I first read it this
morning and had thoughts of world markets going crazy because of hackers
doing hacktivism for political reasons on N30. Is it going to happen? No.
Could it happen? Probably not, but I'm not the best person to make that
call. Can I still fantasize about it happening and hopefully use it as a
jumping off point for using computers to fuck with economic systems from an
activist point of view (which was where I hoped the whimsical post would
lead us.....) yes, i can.

so whether or not the thief above has anything to do with the people on this
list....the subject of using computers to fuck with markets for politically
minded reasons certainly does.....

the revolution will be improvised

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