Re: Moscow Fax intercept procedure, Neuroscience Marketing Schemers

From ZoeScanner <>
Date Mon, 15 Nov 1999 01:41:37 -0800 (PST)

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Too true.........sadly. 
Another way 'they' get ya is through
"cookies".Take for Ex.
I got this box from DELL on a student loan.
So...It was preloaded (against my request) with
Win 98.(groan) almost everything was already
registered in my real name(another thing I dont
do very often)by DELL..I changed as much as I
could,but there are a few files on here belonging
'exclusively'(their words,not mine) to DELL and
they wont let me open or dump em..until it's all
paid for.Naturally, I could not listen to that,so
I cracked one open..all H* broke loose on this
box.Finally fixed it....*
Now...almost Every comercial site has cookies
they stick ya with.{shudder} These little gems
read everything from soup to nutz on yer hard
drive and relay it back to them,weather you visit
them again or not. Since I cannot get all my
personal info off..yet AND this version Win 98
has yet to allow any Linux to run uncorrupted
alongside it (ARG!!next try,Armedlinux), I do reg
dumping of my Temporary Internet Files
folder,(found in Windows directory.Surprising how
many people dont even know about that folder! and
they wonder why their PC gets slow and crashes?It
gets to full!!!Most of the calls I get are caused
by that!)
And then going up & wiping out the History folder
at the same time...Since I am doing these Several
times DURING a surfsession my junkEmail has
GREATLY decreased.Add to that running a
cleansweep prog to dump all loose Temp files
floating about my HD..& using only my
screenname/s now,even my snailmail junk has
decreased!.I wish I had known this crap would
happen many years ago when I first came online..I
would have had a fake ISP name too.I dont care
WHO knows who I am,but...these "businesses" and
their invasive practices & nagging advertising
can drive one to distraction....or madness <G>
also...a damn bloody good encryption prog is a
necessity these dayz.There's a lot of em popping
up lately,but I still trust PGP.I have only faxed
London in UK,Wales,Ireland,Scottland, Sweden & problems there. I exchange email
regularly with several places including Russia
with no incidence.
I dont know if this simple little info will help
anybody or not..but it was worth a mention.
probably everybody here already knows.....In
which case,excuse this please?

--- pho <> wrote:
> [: hacktivism :]
> > If you fax your fax to Moscow ...
> sure.  ukusa sucks.
> > I used a popular search engine and used the
> following keywords
> > "neuroscience" and "neural system". I had not
> used these keywords
> > earlier with any search engines or in any
> internet communications. In
> > fact, this was my first time to use
> "neuroscience" on the internet. Few
> > days after using these keywords, I received
> in mail a magazine
> > addressing many interesting neuroscience and
> neural network related
> > topics.
> co-inky-dink.
> > I have never before received any neuroscience
> magazines. 
> > So somebody took my IP communication ID#, my
> keyword information 
> > that I used with the search engine and got my
> postal address from data
> > retailers -- and sold/provided this
> information to a company /
> > institution. It was clear this was a
> commercially orchestrated process
> > by certain companies. 
> no, no it wasn't.  have you ever communicated
> with any science publisher
> or written your name on any survey, exhibition
> entry form, museum 
> donation form, convention entry form or any
> other possibly science-
> related database?
> the fact is, with only an IP address (unless
> you are a lucky static-
> person), it is a significant-enough effort to
> attempt to find someone's 
> exact address and name (i assume the post was
> addressed to you?).  
> significant enough, in fact, that it could take
> an hour or more of 
> correspondance with ISPs _or_ good network
> knowledge and a lot of luck.
> most of the time, it is not possible to find
> out someone's name + 
> address from their IP without using social
> engineering.  doing this 
> to large numbers of search requests is just not
> going to be 
> commercially viable.
> *shrug*
> may i ask which search engines these were?
> - pho

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