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(off topic question) you dont by any chance listen to punkrock, do you? 

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> Perhaps.....if one only looks at the people whom
> appear to be power mad foaming at the mouth, ready to
> attack anything on the slightest sign of "injustice"
> without doing all their homework on it
> first....then..I would say that letter was close to
> being correct. BUT. In fact...the Gov IS showing many
> many signs of adopting the police state mentality and
> has been since the 20's. Just look at how they pass
> all the crap bills and laws we find out about only
> when violating one! this is not a trait of a really
> free democracy. Or...the ability to confiscate peoples
> homes/land on a whim...a "here is a check..take it or
> not..we are taking your property."..I have seen this
> happen right here where I live more times that I care
> to recall.then we have the Gov stepping in and
> regulating this and that almost every day. Example:
> the net. the cybersquatting issue.,censorship,school
> policy's,HMO's,Insurance companies,many utility
> companies are really controlled by Gov. regs,many of
> the things being talked about on the house floor are
> alarming ! wiretapping is a direct violation of our
> rights, they care? obviously not,as they have
> their automatic built in excuses.And should that apply
> to 'every' US citizen? I think not. Perhaps for those
> whom have already given the Gov. a probable cause to
> monitor,like being a habitual criminal, or known drug
> dealer/pusher,or sex offender,terrorist,that sort.Not
> John/Jane Doe,smalltown, does follow the
> police state procedure though. I do not buy into the
> whimpering excuses ,when cornered and demanded
> explainations,that they must watch "everybody" in
> turns because of security reasones. the Gov already
> has the profiles of almost everybody on file...Drv
> liscences,etc. the info tacked in those files is
> extensive enough to determine whom bears watching and
> who does not. wire tapping is just another way to
> excercise their controll and intimidation
> tactics.And,to boot...this wiretapping seems quite
> inefficent in actually capturing these criminals!why
> did they not jump on the hate sites and the cult sites
> that are acting on their "promisses"..or presenting a
> clear danger to others???why allow groups like the KKK
> to march??? plenty of toher mud=ch more worthwhile
> groups have been repeatedly turned down...and the
> neonatzies??? these "people" are actually ploice
> protected!!! screwed up,if ya ask me!!!NO....just
> harassing criminals (some of them anyway) is not
> solving anything,but keeping everybody
> else(reg.civilians) nervous and worried, and causing
> the 'bad guys" to laugh and continue their
> activities.The Gov controlls in sneaky ways
> comerce,med.professions,hospitals,schools,law
> firms,BB(but this is more like a bed
> partnership)on&on...there is much more, but it has
> been a loooong day.ya get the gist.
> peace
> ZoeScanner
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