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In the eight grade I was almost expelled for publishing an underground
paper. The punishment ended up being a two week long suspension along
with a host of other tasks. 

It all started when I began reading Maximum Rock ' Roll. They had a
section for "zine" listings on the inside back cover. There were also
some zines available at the local inde record store. This, combined with
the music of the Dead Kennedys, inspired me to try publishing. The
reactions of absolute horror from school staff convinced me I was on the
right track : ) Looking back on the content, it was angry, idealistic,
intelligent and naive. The whole experience was exhilarating. There was
a lot of learning on the part of the readers and myself. Now I do the
same thing on the web and the DIY vibe still resonates.

My suggestion to those who get caught up in school censorship? You have
a gift. Find other ways to relay the message. With a vast array modern
communication tools at our disposal, there are other methods. Use
cunning and ingenuity. You won't fail.


ZoeScanner wrote:
> [: hacktivism :]
> agh......I think they are going on the old standby
> :Responsible adult censorship of any materials
> believed to be detrimental to minors ,especially in
> school environments.
> unfortualtely, these guidelines are so wide open the
> "adults" in charge of the minors may pretty much
> censor whatever they want as long as it doesnt follow
> the Norm accepted standard everyday way of life,or if
> it challenges the practicality of said "preferred" way
> of living in their area.
> this WTO is considered by most ordinary people to be a
> great thing,and any mention of it NOT being so often
> brings about censorship,and outright angery
> response's. Unfortunately,most 'authority' figures do
> believe in expanding business,at any cost,as long as
> it doesnt happen in their own backyards. At least I
> know that is how it is done here,and in surrounding
> areas. From what I have been seeing,reading,the reg
> citizens are almost totally ignorant of any WTO
> wrongdoing,be it by little press coverage, or by
> choice ignorance....that is why our Student has a
> royal uphill battle ahead of her,should she decide to
> persue this. Personally,I hope she does. ignorance is
> NO excuse for allowing something as dangerous and
> growing as the WTO to get away with "murder".BB has
> become so huge and is such an integral part of the
> "American Dream" it rules.If she takes them to
> court,she will inadvertantly be feeding the same
> monster she is trying to battle.My suggestion would be
> to print her own newsletters, fax em,email em,and
> leave piles of them in obvious places...asking the
> owners first if applicable of course.....dont give up!
> dont give in! find other ways?
> ZoeScanner
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