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Gabrielle Sloane wrote:
> November 30 International Day of Action
> I am a student at Roosevelt High school in Seattle.  I have been trying to
> get students involved against the wto recently.  I tried to give out fliers
> advertising a november 6th student teach-in, but the principal didn't
> approve.  He said that he didn't want a 'disturbance' and that I could hand
> out no more than 25 to the entire student body.  He also said that I have to
> do it 'discreetly'.
> 'ok',  I thought.  'Well at least there's the letter to the editor of my
> school newspaper I wrote.  That will still get the word out.'
> Unfortunately...that newspaper, which was supposed to come out today was,
> for an unknown reason, not published.  Is this censorship?

I actually started a list ( last summer precisely to
address situations like this. It would really be encouraging if
Gabrielle would continue with her activities. Don't be surprised that
the school newspaper censored your letter--that happens all the
time--that's why students do underground zines.

Here's what we can do. Find out what your principal's email address is,
or his phone, and we'll start swamping him with messages that adults out
here stand with you. You have free speech rights that the principal has
no right infringing.

Good luck. We're out here to support you.


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