Re: every post regarding government snooping

Date Thu, 4 Nov 1999 03:26:53 EST

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very very good! and well said! Nice and well put together speech!Sounds like 
you majored in it! Again I say well done! and bravo! .........(and another 
one bites the dust)
if you look back into the history of this so called conspiricy, you will find 
two things:1: a plan to take complete dominence and control of the world ran 
by a 1 world government. and 2: the means in which this plan will be 
initiated.... Which brings me to my point...this conspiricy started 60 years 
ago. When the technology was created to spy on a large number of people at 
one time, then the big wigs got to thinking....and the evil in which every 
human being  has in them called greed started growing, the stupidity of their 
1 track and careless minds started plotting. This along with their money and 
social power spread and gained support from others just like them. Their 
money, social power, and technology would give them and the whole world peace 
and more more more insanity and 
more more fear...a perfect world for such a perfect human race.  
HA! you have to laugh at such weak minds...and yet i cry at the thought of 
seeing the delusion of 6 billion people as they live their lives as 
programmed robots....ya right you say, what are you some kinda freak? I say 
no, you are the freak, you are the weak, you are the one i shed tears for. 
You are the one that has fallen pray to a blind society, you are the one that 
has fallen into the clouded media, you are the one that will gladley bow down 
at what they say. you are the true unbeliever, the one who doesnt believe in 
love, the one who doesnt believe in human rights, the gullable, the blind...
 You just do not realize that through the years you have been unknowingly 
brain washed by technology. But its true.
Picture a little baby boy on the other side of the world. from the time he is 
born till the time he becomes a man, he is raised in a society with certain 
beliefs, and customs. And his beliefs are right, and his customs are right. 
He hears about the people in the rest of the world and says"ahhh those poor 
lost people, if only they could see it my way, the right way" ....... you 
see....everyone in a sense is brainwashed from birth on, we are raised in our 
own cultures with our own customs and our own beliefs. But i ask it 
not better to be raised in our own cultures and have faith in our own 
beliefs, and be free as free should be, rather than to be raised in a world 
where one doesnt know the true meaning of choice, and freedom?
A world in which one doesnt understand that they are being held captive from 
human nature itself.
NO! there is nothing wrong with protecting the public. And no the new 
standards will not be ineffective in fighting crime. communications 
intelegence has put some people behind bars that deserved to be there. And 
look at the gulf war, hell ECHELON won a damned prize for that one. 
it all comes down to 1 choice....1:believe the people that use technology to 
create confusion and hate to end the conspiricy...or2:
Use their own technology to exploit the truth for the benifit of mankind's 
future.......the choice is ours.

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