Re: why so little response to Hacktivism

From ZoeScanner <>
Date Mon, 1 Nov 1999 04:37:26 -0800 (PST)

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In a genuine effort to please everybody,this letter
contains several replies....
On Thu, 28 Oct 1999, maggie knowles wrote:

:i was wondering if you considered Ulla Roder, Ellen
Moxley and Angie
:Zelter to be hackers.  they are the three old ladies
(ages something
:like 47, 53 and 61) charged with malicious damage to
and theft from the
:barge "Maytime", a floating laboratory on Loch Long
in Scotland which
:provides operational support for Trident submarines.
***************ZoeScanner writes*****************
Actually,Maggie.....I consider them to be genuine
Hacktivists.In light of all I have read (thanks for
the last link)..there is no better title for these
great ladies.
"Never be silent whenever and wherever human beings
endure suffering 
and humiliation.
We must always take sides
Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim
Silence encourages the tormentor never the tormented."
AND this brings me to my next subject......It seems
there is a wee bit of dissention among the ranks of
the Hactivist list members......This is alarming...and
needs to be ironed out quickly...what good will we
hope to accomplish here,if all we do is quibble???
Please..correct me If i am wrong...perhaps this list
is just for the "Discussion" on the meaning of the
hactivist? and not for the colaborating on projects
that need attention?...I do admit, I may have
misunderstood,and if seriously appologise to
all....the discription was...lacking.
If I am NOT seems logical to get to know
each other a little,if we are to be effective as a
 ****************Bronco Wrote:****************
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 11:37:54 -0500 (EST) 
From: Bronc Buster <>  |  
To: ZoeScanner <> 
Subject: Re: Personal information? 

Try growing up please. STOP posting crap like this to
the list. Between
you and a few others you are generating 90% of the
crap on this list.

On Sun, 31 Oct 1999, ZoeScanner wrote:  ***In response
to someone elses post in Hactivism*****
> [: hacktivism :]
>  OnTopic:    
> Ooooh man...I care....truth. seeking truth,since I
> a kid. yeah...I sometimes fill out
> not. depends on who's asking...and why.
> I would feel like a hippo-crat if I never told the
> truth....on the other BB's for ex:
> Microsoft,win98 update stuff....I dont feel like
> could give a Ra** a** what I said. For my Linux....I
> tell my real stuff. decent people/places get decent
> answers.
> yeah...I know thats me!
> at least I dont completely barf when I see me in a
> mirror. haha.
> ZoeScanner
reserved. **************Then Maggie
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 07:04:46 -0800 From: maggie
knowles <>  |  To:
Subject: Re: is this the work of hactivists? Reply-to: [: hacktivism :]

hi tom - the question was "is this the WORK of
Tom wrote:
> [: hacktivism :] 
> Greetings,
> Depends on what they where attempting to do..since I
haven't read the
> story yet, I don't have an answer..
>  However, its a funny name game that people play,
its not just the Hacker
> Community that this silly game is played, its played
in the Cracker
> Community, Politics (he's not a Republican, he's a
>  If you wish to label yourself and call yourself a
this or a that, then
> go for it.  It doesn't bother me, but don't apply
that label to ME.
> I did call myself an xHacker in a previous email and
I still do, b/c
> back in the early 80's it WAS different, now the
"label" is different
> and I unfortunately have also fallen into the "label
> Tom Garner*********and noreastah wrote*********
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 09:51:53 -0500 To: From: noreastah
<>  | Subject: Re: why so little
response to Hacktivism List Proposal 2.0 Reply-to: [: hacktivism :]

At 09:58 PM 10/30/99 -0700, you wrote:
>   i agree :)   i get the same emails evryone else on
this list is 
>getting.   lets all just chill, and not be so
militant about  this...   off
>subject stuff is no big deal, we just get to  know
eachother a little bit

Off topic subject stuff may not be a big deal for you
but others might not
like it. During the week my time is very precious.
When I come home from
work I don't want to be sorting through lots of
off-topic stuff. I could
care less if there was an occasional off topic
message, but if there were
entire threads of off topic stuff I would be
>speaking of off the subject, i write really cool
>music. Programmers  luv my stuff, so all you real
hackers out there, hack
>to this!   hope i'm not too out of
line..   piLL <<<   
piLL, this isn't really the place to talk about such
things. If you really
want to let folks know about your interest in
electronic music perhaps you
could put the URL in a signature file.
**And thats not all of em....c'mon,people...lets work
how about some real discussion??? on serious
subjects??? there hasn't been anything but mere
mentions  of things since the Ec.effort.



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