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Date Mon, 1 Nov 1999 05:12:19 -0800 (PST)

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Or rather...FOR hactivists?
In my news this case anybody is
interested in this sort of thing:

President to take questions via Web 

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Clinton plans to take
questions on the Internet next month in a format
allowing computer users to view his responses on live
video. The Nov. 8 session is sponsored by the
Democratic Leadership Council, the moderate political
group the president once headed. White House officials
said the session will include Democratic office
holders and leaders from a number of states
discussing, along with Clinton, a range of issues
including education, crime and civil government.
Internet users also will participate. The electronic
talk fest is being organized by Excite at home, a
provider of Internet access and digital
telecommunications. The 90-minute session will begin
at 7 p.m. EST. ### 
****************Then there was this
06:47 AM ET 10/30/99

Slaughtered Squirrels Prompt Changes

 Slaughtered Squirrels Prompt Changes
 	   AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) _ Six months after it
killed 440
 squirrels by dumping them into a meat processor, KLM
Royal Dutch
 Airlines says it will never again carry rodents,
reptiles and
 endangered animals on its flights.
 	   The airline had already suspended such shipments
earlier this
 year after admitting that it put the illegally
imported squirrels
 into an industrial meat processing machine after
failing to find
 them a home.
 	   On Friday, the airline said it also will no
longer ship
 ``animals caught in the wild or any endangered
species'' unless
 they are being transported to zoos or returned to
their natural
 habitats. The only animals that can be transported
are horses,
 chicks, ornamental fish, dogs and cats, an airline
statement said.
 	   The rodents killed in April arrived from China
without proper
 	   At the time, KLM admitted to making ``a grave
mistake on ethical
 grounds,'' but maintained that it was merely abiding
by health
 regulations. Animal rights groups denounced the
slaughter as cruel,
 illegal and unnecessary.
 *******************to say the least!!!!**********this
is going to be hard to get over...for some of
us.....and a good cause for action*************


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