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much thanks to roger bunn for the following report (some of it written
by one of the three women who participated!)
           Finally,   East Timor and beyond?

Ellen is one of the "Three Girls" :  The three who went over the wire at
Brit Aerospace and "took out" a Hawk aircraft that was due for delivery
to Indonesia the next day. After taking hammers to the flight deck and
causing damage totaling hundreds of thousands of pounds. All the girls
were acquitted of criminal damage by a British court. 

Ellen wrote this to us..

Over 8 months in the planning, the Pheasants' Union action finally  took
place on june 8th in brilliant weather on Loch Goil. 

Angie, Ulla and I were all very nervous. During the previous two
reconnoiters, there had been a lot of police boat/car presence; our
small battery operated angle grinder had died; the unreliable inflatable
dinghy had a dodgy engine, yet it turned into a perfect action. Ulla was
at the spot 4 hours before the start time and phoned with the message
"Beautiful weather" Then the boat, Angie and Ellen arrived in a rented
van. We launched on time (7pm) and in spite of some heart stopping
moments with the engine, soon arrived at "Maytime" the large floating
laboratory complex which tests the sonar signals from Trident. 

We know now that the Chinese Defense Department can track Tridents
movements through geo magnetic fluctuations and the laboratory on
Maytime is more essential than ever to Trident's operation.

We had tools to open padlocks but didn't have to use them for that, one
window was unbolted and in a flash Angie squeezed through. Ellen and
Ulla hung a huge black banner, saying "TP2000: STOP NUCLEAR DEATH

Helen Stevens beautiful banner had rainbow people pushing Trident into
the sunlight and said: "BRINGING CRIME INTO THE  LIGHT" Banners made by

Angie and Ulla handed me load after load of computers, printers,
monitors, fax machines, telephones, computer disks, papers, manuals etc.
Everything went overboard into the drink! Inside the laboratory there
was an almost impenetrable cage which housed the mechanism for the model
submarine which is used for many of the tests. Angie cut her way in and
destroyed (by cutting the electric wires and hammering the circuit
boards) the three control panels for the winch and the model submarine.
Ulla found a sign which said MOD, no mooring, no boarding" and propped
it up inside the cage! We carefully cleaned up the lot, arranged on the
table our police statement, video, Tridenting it-handbook and several
photographs of Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the victims- a good finale to our

Having exhausted the possibilities in the laboratory, we went up on top
of the barge and tried getting in to the control room for the vessel. It
was protected by hardened perspex/glass. We tried glass cutter, hammer
and cold chisels and a drill with several bits and almost got through.
Above the control room we cut the aerial 
antenna and super glued/liquid metalled the moving parts of an outside
winch. We then settled down for a picnic. "Newt", a moveable platform,
was a few hundred yards away and we thought we might inspect that with a
liferaft (as our own boat was now beyond use and we had untied it in the
hope that it might wash ashore and be retrieved by our supporters). We
let down one liferaft which opened in a spectacular manner. But we were
unsure whether it was the right side up, or had paddles, so we released
the second one, which fell into the water, its capsule still intact! By
this time 3 hours had gone by and the internal radio started hailing us.
As we did not want to be caught ineptly trying to control a liferaft
halfway to Newt, we agreed to be satisfied with the disarmament work
already accomplished. It was an excellent time to have done this work,
as the laboratory was between experiments. 

Before damage was done to any component we had made sure that the power
was off. When the police arrived they were friendly, having had previous
experience talking to TP2000 people.

Ellen Moxley

The three "girls" are on remand, and will face a protracted trial, they
hope with a jury. They consider it a small price to pay for having
actually disarmed a Trident -related facility. 

Full summary of the trial, day by day at

Follow the plea by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and the appreciations of HH the
Dalai Lama, the Shan Democratic Union, film maker John Pilger, the Free
Burma Coalition,  author Alan Clements, Dennis Skinner MP, Tony Benn MP,
Ann Clwyd MP, Congress-woman  Maxine Waters,  Socialist Workers' Party, 
Dr and Welsh rugby star JPR Williams, Hendrix  bassist Noel Redding,  S
African jazz pianist Abdullah Ibrahim,  All Burma Students Democratic
Organisation,  All Burma Students Democratic Front, Tasmanian Trades &
Labour Council, Tim Gopsill, editor., and
numerous others.   

Supporting a Genuine war upon drugs and human rights abuse.
Sydney 2000 : Burma Out!

Music Industry Human Rights Association / 

Rachel and James
Union Action

Founded during UN50. Mihra's roots are in music and anti-racism and was
first in line in calling for a sports boycott of Burma for the Sydney
2000 Olympic Games. Mihra also advances protection of creators rights in
an anti-cultural market, currently 93.8% monopolised by the recording /
publishing Grand Cartel. 

Major solo work "Piece of Mind". With orchestra, Holland 69. same  
time as Beatles "Abbey Road".

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