Re: Moderation, Cyberdumpster Diving & a Per Day Posting Limit

From "Me Uh, K." <>
Date Mon, 1 Nov 1999 11:58:47 -0800 (PST)

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Beyond deadline for discussing changes to the list,
but I'm an anarchist :)

--- noreastah <> wrote:
> [: hacktivism :]
> I'd like to throw out another idea: I don't know if
> this is technically a
> pain in the butt, but would it be possible to limit
> the number of messages
> sent to the list per day by e-mail address? In other
> words each person on
> the list can only send say 2 messages (or whatever
> number people decide) to
> the list per day.
> I think this would make people think about what they
> were posting more
> because they would have to make their posts "count".
> So you want reply to a
> message with "yea, I agree, that's a great idea",
> ???  fine... but you just
> wasted one of your messages for the day. Just a
> thought.
> noreastah

The problem with this is that many of us don't check
our email every day.  I, for instance, as a matter of
privacy, only read this list from work (technically, I
could be any one of 12 people to use this computer and
it's static IP).  Now, because I don't work 7 days a
week, or some days am too busy to get to my personal
mail, I frequently have a huge buildup of messages in
my inbox.  (I've got almost 1000 bugtraq messages I
haven't gotten to yet :)  So, even on a day that's
light for this list (say 1 or 2 messages), it's
possible that I (or anyone) could be reading dozens of
Now, y'all are a smart group, and have some of the
best ideas/greatest information/swellest discussions,
and I want to participate in them.  Given your
proposal - If I'm working my way through a backlog, I
might have a handfull of genuine, information-filled
responses (it could happen:), but would only be able
to post 2 of them.  The options are -I can not share
whatever insight/info I've got -OR- I can save the
messages and reply tommorow (and thereby buildup a
backlog of outgoing, as well as incoming emails -
READ: not bloody likely)

-mia k. (who's all in to not having to read 10
messages by the same person at once)

ps- there's a shorter thread about congressional

it's not a universal mailer (won't go to everyone),
but it's got email/homepages for all of congress. 
Partial help is better than none at all. :)mk
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