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Date Mon, 1 Nov 1999 04:57:28 -0800 (PST)

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i said it before & I'll say it again..((.got no
last time.....IF this WTO is not going to be discussed
here,it should be. After all,it is a world wide
concern,that has gotten far and away too much out of
hand...(and the US is one of the biggest problems!)I
get several letters a day from various
American Countries,Etc. All asking for help on this
one issue.I canna travel,as my sig.ot. is phsycally
unable to go anywhere,and needs total care.I want to
help. and one way or another I will.What I would very
much like to know,is,is there going to be any
effort by our hactivism group? or are we all left to
our own devices...? time is growing short,if no plans
are in the works,(like the very effective
JED,((forgive the mention..again..but it is a super
reff.there is strength in cooperating numbers,that
proves it.)).....or the less that perfect,but still a
nice showing,the Arms showing sit in...then those of
us whom are going to help fight the WTO,in some way
need to know,so we can make other plans.
*************I am tacking in here a few comments to
people on subjects in this save everybody
massive  amounts of chatty email
and to TOM.G...nice...very nicely put. you are one
dude. :)excellent advice to the student!!!,
and rightous solutions to the list
problems.!!!(Zoe..banging head on M.P. (now why didn't
I think of that??)I took it and did it. I was not one
whom complained,but,even a blabberboard like me
thought it was more than a bit daunting to see so many
posts.......thanks! prob.solved!!
as for the namegame you have trouble with too,....hard
to fit one on this lowely
surf....I am neither a newbie,nor a wannabie,nor an
X,nor a fit the profile Hacker,nor an adolescent
Cracker. just a "freelance artist/computerGeek/career
Activist,".Born that way so my parents tell me.
* * * **************jmm wrote********************
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 13:37:30 +0100 
Subject: Re : Hacktivism List Proposal 2.0 
From: "jmm" <>  
a lot of things will happen during the WTO's congress,
activists are turning this into a hudge international
anybody heard of some kind of hacktivism related to
this ?
a group that fight against public surveillance in the
street asked me for
links related to cctv and monitoring video cameras,
feel free to answer me
personally if you think that's not a form of
*straight* hacktivism
**************jmm,I do hope to stirr someone here to
take action on this with us...we will need all the
help and guidence we can get.....I am talking to
several people and groups about this...will post the
results in a day or two....ZoeScanner*****************
*******here are some links that might clear up the
facts on what cybersquatting really

Dear Zoe,
>> Today's Top Story 
Ian Jones, News Editor 
***************************sam =-= wrote:******
> [: hacktivism :]
> hi, 
> recently, some people got an email letter from IDG
saying that the words
> 'For Dummies' was found on their site and to remove
them ... because 'For
> Dummies' is a registered trademark of IDG ...
> anyone keen on doing something??  note - has been registered
> by idg ...
*******************************Chuck said:*********
How about fordummies.ORG? Techincally, they can't own
that, since they
aren't a non-profit.
************the "LAW"is for ANY
infringement,unfortunatley,even the .ORG's are gonna
be under fire,..ZoeScanner**********
**********************************sam now say's******

recently, some people got an email letter from IDG
saying that the words
'For Dummies' was found on their site and to remove
them ... because 'For
Dummies' is a registered trademark of IDG ...
anyone keen on doing something??  note - has been registered
by idg ...
regarding the cyber-squatting type bills - check out :
its about: The "Trademark Cyberpiracy Prevention Act,"
H.R. 3028, is about
to be voted on in the House of Representatives and
would be disastrous to
the free speech and privacy rights of domain name
holders. EFF urges you to
contact your Representative today and tell him or her
to vote no on this
bill. (The bill has already passed the Senate, and is
expected to be voted
on any day now in the House.) 
parody is allowed for sure - but what good is parady
if no one gets to find
out about it ... 
adios, sam.
 ******************Sam is right...The illegal bill is
going to pass unanamously at this point!!!  The so
called "law" has already been passed in the first
test,and is being excercised......pending,but
working??? This has been in the News all week. As
Hacktivists....we should do something about's gonna get much worse....the thing is
actually an infringement on freedome of
speech......problem is....what land is cyberspace???
and who's laws should apply??? could these questions
be used as ammo in the ensuing
******************Aimee said:***************
> feelings about hacktivism is that it is computer
> technology action directed at social change/justice
> goals.
 > My feelings are also that a hacktivist ethic is
> directed than the broad hacker (libertarian) ethic
> censorship is bad, free flow of information is good,
> there should be no/very little regulation on
> communication.
I don't know if these questions will be explored
> a radical filter or something that takes hacktivism
in a
> more specialized and radically politically oriented
> direction than hacking.
 > am i off base?  am i on the wrong list?
> aimee       
       *****Not sure,aimee...I may be too...but your
deff's are right on the mark, :) 
******************************Lizz said:**************
-- Lizzie Borden <> wrote:
> [: hacktivism :]
> From: Chuck0 <>*********(Sorry,cut some
for bigger issues, Zoe.)
This is why I thought the cybersquatting bill might
> be significant as a
> target for hacktivists. The bill would give rights
> to entities such as
> McDonalds and George Bush Jr. to claim relative
> parody domain names without
> recompense to the originator.***
> effect, it undermines free speech and gives more
> power to those who have the
> most money and corporate clout. It seems to me that
> this is something
> hacktivists would be interested in subverting.
> However, I wouldn't know
> exactly where or how to start such subversion, so I
> was hoping there was
> something already in the works. If not, then perhaps
> someone can direct me
> as to what sorts of hacktivist efforts could be
> accomplished to protest this
> action - with that knowledge I might be willing to
> organize such an effort.
********((Liz, let me know what I can do to
me anything you might consider?, or                
                            ZoeScanner))  ***
 **********Mia sayz*********(excerpt)
>(I believe it's currently legal to buy a corporate
>website with the intention of selling it to them for
>huge profit, or to run a parody site with a similar
>name, but if you use the similar name to
redirect/hijack traffic ( :)
you stand to lose a lawsuit)
>-mia k.  
********************No's not....not


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