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> I don't know Carolyn Meinel and I don't see why it's important whether or
> not she is well-liked, but I think the "Mostly Harmless" series is a good
> enough place to start for those who are curious. There are other resources,
> I'm sure, that work just as well.

Myself too, I don't know her, but I read her works and I believe in her
efforts, many people blow off her stuff, but come on people, REMEMBER
the past, REMEMBER when you knew NOTHING about NOTHING and someone told
you that one piece that got you started.

I believe the Mostly Harmless series are a GREAT LEARNING TOOL, and if
nothing else, you'll see what SOME people are presenting in the form of
a zine or digest.

It never hurts to be schooled in ALL the arts, NOT just a select FEW.

Tom Garner
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