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Subject: some questions for discussion?

I'm writing because I have questions about hacktivism and I'm hoping that
a discussion could possibly give me some answers. Any way here it goes
(and if you think any of the questions are stupid reply and let me know

1 Is hacktivism more the activist community using digital skills or is it
the political expression of  hackers?

2 Is there a difference between hacktivism and electronic civil
disobedience? If yes was JED really hacktivism?

3 Who are hacktivist (I don't mean their personal identity) are they
largely people that work with networks for a living or does it include

4 How does the older hacker ethos (information wants to be free... etc.)
influence hacktivism? 

5 Does hacktivism have a certain political philosophy that is prevalent
left vs. right if so why?

I don't know if you guys want to answer these questions but I am trying to
clear up some blurred concepts, as I hope to create a web resource that
people can look at to explain hacktivism but I don't want it to be my own
guessing and conjecture. Any answers that you can give would be
appreciated. Thank You 

                    Corey (dv8)

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