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Date Wed, 27 Oct 1999 13:44:53 +0100
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I don't know Carolyn Meinel and I don't see why it's important whether or
not she is well-liked, but I think the "Mostly Harmless" series is a good
enough place to start for those who are curious. There are other resources,
I'm sure, that work just as well.

On a related issue, my point in another post about to much concentration on
hacktivist *personalities* rather than *efforts* seems to be a main sticking
point in anybody getting involved in hacktivism in the first place.  The
Cult of Personality seems to be alive and well in hacker cliques, as much as
in the corporations and government beurocracies they profess to have nothing
in common with.


From: Max Wallace <>
> I have some wacky RA clips of her making a fool of herself on a
> teleconference if anyone's interested.
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> most everyone seems to hate her for some reason - I
> don't know why.  ask - they have some
> FUNNY responses.
> -mia k.
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> >
> > Geez.  Carolyn Meinel.  Well, you'll learn the
> > basics, but a lot of the
> > higher-end techniques she elaborates on are plain
> > wrong.
> > Most of the #dc-stuff list hates her for some
> > reason.

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