Re: proposal: splitting list

From "Lizzie Borden" <>
Date Wed, 27 Oct 1999 11:10:51 +0100
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> Let's just focus on getting the list that we've got back to what it was
> before JED (ie: before the flood of new subscribers).... and have some
> discussion here that comes down to more than - "i'm really paranoid and
> have lots of reasons to be" or "you are so uncool cause you don't know how
> to be a hacker" or whatever seems to be filling my box this past week.
> Megan

> I agree with Megan. I'm pretty happy with the list so far.

> Chuck0

I think a bit of interruption from the "regularly scheduled program" is
inevitable and even healthy. I was on the list before JED, then unsubscribed
for awhile while on vacation, then came back in the middle of the JED
thingie, and it didn't seem to me that the difference was extreme or
entirely negative. I deleted a lot more stuff without reading it after the
first or second post in a thread, but I like having the option to decide
which posts I want to ignore. The "rush" of new subscribers seems to have
brought on more lurkers than anything else. I agree with Megan and Chuck0
that we need to get to the heart of what we're here for - to discuss
hacktivism, not hacktivists.


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