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From Chuck0 <>
Date Wed, 27 Oct 1999 13:55:53 -0400
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megan wrote:
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> Uhhhhh - Stefan.... if we can't have one healthy list, I don't understand
> what the rationale for splitting it into three unhealthy lists could
> be....
> Let's just focus on getting the list that we've got back to what it was
> before JED (ie: before the flood of new subscribers).... and have some
> discussion here that comes down to more than - "i'm really paranoid and
> have lots of reasons to be" or "you are so uncool cause you don't know how
> to be a hacker" or whatever seems to be filling my box this past week.
> I also agree with your earlier posting about putting a radical filter on
> the FAQ - and actually injecting politics into this list. There are few
> politics behind vague (but intense) paranoia unfortunately....
> I would like to get back to our earlier discussions of what hacktivism is,
> if it is useful to us in progressive movements etc.... I am not interested
> in having this discussion with right-wingers with who I have no common
> cause (other than not liking state surveillance or whatever)....
> Anyhow - just my thoughts on this...
> Megan

I agree with Megan. I'm pretty happy with the list so far.


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