now what post-JED?

From Stefan Wray <>
Date Sat, 23 Oct 1999 12:41:52 -0500
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Now that the JED experiment/game is over, can we re-evaluate what the
function and purpose of this list is? I imagine that JED drew in a number
of new subscribers.

Grugnog, can you give us some list stats at this point? Has there been a
surge in new subscription?

I still feel there is a wide range of opinion as to the meaning of
hacktivism, hacktivist, hacktivity. So wide, at least on this list, that we
even have some people with rightwing and nationalist perspectives (refering
to the pro-American rhetoric that has passed on the list recently).

Just as we can form listservs for radical activists, anarchists,
anti-imperialists (and many do exist), I see no reason why we shouldn't
have a specific space for radical hacktivists, anarcho-hackers, etc.

So, I'd like to suggest that we overlay a radical filter over the
hacktivist list FAQ and specifically delineate the range of activism we are
talking about. In doing so that gives us grounds to tell rightwing
hacktivists to simply set up another listserv elsewhere.

Grugnog, as the orignator of this list, do you have any ideas?

I'd like to see this list get back onto a more useful track. While I
supported much of JED, and while I'm not against having used this list for
purposes of JED, I think it would now be a good idea to re-address some
basic issues.

While seemingly a simple question, to ask and to answer, "what is
hacktivism," is not a waste of time and in the long run will help us.

I'm all for fun and games and I enjoyed a good many of the creative posts
sent for JED. But I also think that a more sober analysis and critique and
engaging in theoretical discussions can also be useful.

What do others think?

- Stefan

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