Re: now what post-JED?

From Philipp Steinkrüger <>
Date Sun, 24 Oct 1999 19:18:25 +0200
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> Stefan Wray wrote:Just as we can form listservs for radical activists,

> anti-imperialists (and many do exist), I see no reason why we shouldn't
> have a specific space for radical hacktivists, anarcho-hackers, etc.
> So, I'd like to suggest that we overlay a radical filter over the
> hacktivist list FAQ and specifically delineate the range of activism we are
> talking about. In doing so that gives us grounds to tell rightwing
> hacktivists to simply set up another listserv elsewhere.

yound people are not involved in politics in the way they were in the 68' for
more and more different groups split away and the result is decreasing power.
"my opinion, your opinion - goodbye".
i think different motivations and points of view will increase the quality of


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