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Date Sat, 23 Oct 1999 20:35:07 -0400 (EDT)
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On Sat, 23 Oct 1999, Stefan Wray wrote:

:Just as we can form listservs for radical activists, anarchists,
:anti-imperialists (and many do exist), I see no reason why we shouldn't
:have a specific space for radical hacktivists, anarcho-hackers, etc.

I don't see why politics should be divisive. Hacktivism is the
technology of resistance. It is a tool used by subversives, activists,
malcontents, and corporations, no matter what part of the political
spectrum they serve. 

The real threat of hacktivism is the potential for 
effecient and focused efforts against a strategicly chosen

It's the difference between getting the same 100 people out to
a demo to shout and wave signs, and getting 100 people with 
flashbulbs, wardialers and copies of a politicians 1-900 
phone records. 

One would hope that activist communities would learn from
the utilitarianism of the hacking community. Don't reinvent 
the wheel. If you don't like something, do it better than
the original. The most effective counter argument is a 
demonstratably more functional solution. 

:So, I'd like to suggest that we overlay a radical filter over the
:hacktivist list FAQ and specifically delineate the range of activism we are
:talking about. In doing so that gives us grounds to tell rightwing
:hacktivists to simply set up another listserv elsewhere.

If you are going to be discussing definitions and methodologies
for using technology as a tool of resistance, it shouldn't matter
whether you are right, left, or vehemently opposed to Everything. 

If this list is for discussing the uses of technology for activism/
popularizing marginalized opinion/radical education, then 
we all will have alot to learn from each other. 

If there can be some agreement about not baiting, nor taking the bait,
then we can learn from each other. 
Asking that ad homonim arguments, appeals to authority, unsubstantiated
or unreferenced statistics, and identity politics be saved for 
Usenet, might foster a more communicative environment. 

Who decides what is On Topic? 

Ultimately anyone that posts to the list is dictating what is 
on topic. As long as people re-read their posts and make sure
they are speaking for the benefit of the further information
of list members, it should be sane. 

Are you contributing new facts or evidence to a discussion?
Is your question rhetorical or do you actually require clarification?
Can your post be shortened and maintain its original meaning? 
(this message ends real soon now)

These is basic list netiquite that has been around for 
years and is nothing new for many people here. 

The Right will have to embrace solidarity, the Left 
will have to embrace individualism and the anarchists just
have to live with the paradox of their coexistance. 

God help us all;) 

Chief Reverse Engineer 
Superficial Intelligence Research Division
Defective Technologies

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