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Date Fri, 22 Oct 1999 16:36:36 +0100
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At 18:32 -0400 21-10-1999, Kirk Bailey wrote:
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>> oh, for crying out loud!  is everyone going to post your stupid word list
>> to TAO lists all day????   fuck off, you're wasting system resources.
>> at LEAST send yer shit around to *government* servers if you're going to
>> insist on the vanity of it!  i'm with ted -- this is a most arrogant
>> american-centric exercise in disinformation.
><- where's that?  .ca does not ring a bell.

California ? Cazakstan ? Cambodja ?

And then we are not supposed to believe soem u$americans are ignorati.

>It seems you do not
>care much for American ideas or actions. And usually I agree with you.

Yep and my best friend is a black male who fancies red long dresses.

>But it seems you write as a forigner. Therefore, as it is not your
>country or culture, I suggest you politely go away and mind your own
>business as we work out our own cultural problems.

You seem to be the living proof however that you do need some "foreign"
help here.

>In short, it's none
>of your business. you may not like it, you don't HAVE to like it. Just
>Like I don't have to like you or where you hang out- which is cool,
>freedom's funny that way. But if you're not a yank, please don't tell us
>how to be americans. Ain't your business.

So american imperialism has it's own little hacktivist then ?

Erik help you not making a fool of yourself by looking up what foreign
country .net stands for: i live close to the NATO headquarters.

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